Light Fixtures and its Types

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But what are light fixtures?

A light fixture is a part of a light that is attached to the wall or the ceiling where one puts the light bulb or any other lighting element, and which cannot be easily removed.

Light fixtures are as important as establishing a workspace for business, getting a new home, photo shoots, and making the place look better through the eyes and the heart. These fixtures require electrical connection to a power source but can also be used using battery power. The manufacturing of this amazing glamorous product began in the early 1920’s, in the United States.

The lighting fixtures can be controlled in many different ways so as to make the product more users friendly. Throughout the years it has developed quite a number of techniques, and some are- light switch (the normal kind of control it by ON and OFF buttons), motion detector (lights up automatically when a person enters the room and turns itself off when the person leaves), timer (fixing a time period for its use), and touch system.

For commercial purposes many LED warehouse lights are available on

Light fixtures also have a number of types, they can be named as:

    Chandeliers- these are suspended from the ceilings and the light is directed upwards that is typically fixed over a table.

    Wall Sconces- The surface mounted to the wall, these sconces can direct the light upwards and downwards and they have very stylistic covers and shapes which add a stylish touch to a room.

    Desk, Floor and Table Lamps – These fixtures have a wide range of size, shape, and styles. These fixtures direct the light downwards and are portable physically. These are termed as the most versatile types of the light fixture.

    Ceiling- These types of light fixtures are mounted direct to the ceiling and has a glass or may be a plastic shade concealing the light bulb. This kind of ceiling fixtures is common in almost every home for many years.

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