Industrial LED Lighting

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We design and supply highly efficient LED lighting systems for your factory and industrial facilities. We offer solutions that are suitable for your newly constructed buildings and for retrofit and renovation projects. Our lighting solutions include flood lights, high bay lighting and replacement for old fluorescent tubes.

LED Flood Lights

Our specially designed LED flood lights are attractive and durable. They offer powerful output that can illuminate wider areas than most conventional flood lights. These flood lights produce very low heat and they neither emit harmful gases like carbon dioxide nor contain lead or mercury. Due to their long lifespan, these maintenance free LED flood lights are more cost effective than conventional HID or fluorescent bulbs. The LED bulbs do not get burnt frequently and the bulbs are designed to last for at least 100,000 hours, so they offer significant energy cost savings. Unlike incandescent bulbs, these flood lights do not require any time to heat up – they come on and attain maximum brightness instantly. Our flood lights are just as bright as day light so they can be used to illuminate sports facilities. They are also ideal for illumination of large billboards, parking lots, and warehouses.

High Bay LED Lighting

These high bay LED lights are ideal for illuminating warehouses and other facilities that have high ceilings, which are 15 feet or higher. You can also install them in gymnasiums, loading docks, and various kinds of industrial facilities were lighting fixtures need to be fixed far above the ground. Our high bay LED lights distribute light more evenly than other traditional types of lighting. Other key benefits of these high bay lights include uniformity and the absence of flickering. These LED lights are easy on the eyes so they are ideal for illuminating production facilities where people will work continuously for long hours everyday.

LED Tube Replacements

Our LED tubes are the best choice when you need to replace your old T12, T10, or T8 fluorescent bulbs with more energy-efficient lighting. With the capacity to deliver a luminous efficiency of about 100 lumens per watt, you can enjoy a 50% savings in energy consumption when you replace existing CFL or conventional fluorescent bulbs with our LED tubes. When you want to retain the use of your existing fixtures and wiring, our led tubes will work perfectly. So you can use them for office lighting in indirect and parabolic light fixtures. These bulbs offer better color rendering, long lifespan, and little or no maintenance, since they are solid-state devices. They also work perfectly as ceiling lights in climate controlled areas, fabrication floors, storage areas and small workshops and standard office spaces.

All our LED lighting are designed to meet the highest international quality standards. They are also covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty, so you can purchase them with peace of mind.