Common Home Lighting Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Setting up your new home can be very tedious. Aside from the furnishings, you also have to think about the lighting design. Be reminded that there is no life if you will not create focal points in your house. However, the planning phase can be certainly complex.

This is the reason why people make mistakes even by putting lamps on tables or installing chandeliers on ceilings.­ According to Better Homes & Gardens, if you have a sound lighting plan, your room design will definitely be successful. All it takes is the identification of poor lighting culprits.

To identify these problems, given below are some examples:

Making Your Lighting Design Uncomfortable

Common Home Lighting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Your lighting will be uncomfortable to the eyes if you miss the correct setup of layers. There are times that the lighting may be too much. In contrary, you may be missing the point of lighting at all for the place is still dark.

If you want to decorate a room, it is ideal to select accent lighting. A good example of it is the wall light that will give elegance without too much brightness.

On the other hand, if you will cook or read, it is always imperative to have task lighting. Lastly, if you will add lighting for general purposes, ambient fixtures will already do.

Never forget to give yourself control of the lighting level. A dimmer is always handy, which will help you make an area either dim or bright throughout.

Poor Placement of Lighting for Focus

Common Home Lighting Mistakes You Should Avoid

There will be cases where you will have to add lighting for the sake of making an object or decoration a focal point. For instance, if you had this area that has amazing landscaping design,the best lighting plan is to include colored lights.

The said option will not only be soft to the eyes but will also give way to the play of shadows and colors. Alternatively, if you want to make a plant the center of attraction, it is best to position it over the succulent’s growing edge.

Putting Too Small or Too Big Lighting Fixture

Common Home Lighting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Many people think that size does not matter when it comes to selecting a lighting fixture. This is an incorrect notion for various homeowners put a very big chandelier on a small kitchen counter – a decision that will strain your eyes while working on your recipes.

In order to choose the right size of a chandelier, you should determine your room’s size first, preferably in feet. You have to add the width and height which will represent the chandelier’s diameter. However, remember to convert the measurement to inches afterwards.

Poor Placement of Lights in Tight Areas

You may be one of the guilty homeowners who do not give much attention to tight spaces such as closets. However, do you know that the lighting design in these areas is complex? Apart from the overhead lights, it is also better to use LED strip lights.

The tips provided above will give you the means of creating a more effective lighting design in your home. Lighting is not complicated if you only have the guidelines and inspirations to keep in mind.

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